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the best of country and irish by michael o'brien and philomena

The Michael O'Brien Collection

Old Favourites by Philomena McGovern 



Sample Tracks

Best of Country and Irish

The Best of Country and Irish

  • I Still Wonder
  • Far Far From Home
  • The Little Whitewashed Chimney
  • Love Is No Excuse
  • Happy Street
  • The Old Rugged Cross
  • Sweet County Clare
  • Isla Grant Selection
    • Over The Years
    • Will You Walk With Me
    • It's A Dream Come True
    • We'll Meet Again
  • Beautiful Ireland
  • My Idea Of Heaven
  • Under Your Spell
  • Shores Of America
  • Five Thousand Miles From Sligo
  • My Heart Skipps A Beat
  • Whispering Hope
  • Our Wedding Day
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