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the best of country and irish by michael o'brien and philomena

The Michael O'Brien Collection

Old Favourites by Philomena McGovern 



Sample Tracks

Tonight I'll Throw a Party

  • Tonight I'll Throw A Party
  • Old Ardboe
  • Never Mind
  • Crazy Dreams
  • Song For Ireland
  • Jones On The Jukebox
  • Country Selection
    • Passionate Kisses
    • What I've Got In Mind
    • Let Me Be There
  • After All These Years
  • Tonight I Just Might Fall In Love Again
  • Roving Galway Boy
  • Town I Loved So Well
  • Never Had It So Good
  • Rocky Top
  • Fallin'
  • Country N'Irish Selection
    • John Joe O'Reilly
    • My Lovely Rose Of Clare
    • Moonlight In Mayo
    • Lovely Leitrim
    • My Own Roscommon Town
    • My Native Town Drumlish
    • Galway Boy
  • The Highlight Of My Life (Duet with Michael O'Brien)
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