Michael & Philomena's CD's

the best of country and irish by michael o'brien and philomena

The Michael O'Brien Collection

Old Favourites by Philomena McGovern 



Sample Tracks




One for the Road


  • Blue Magic

  • Pearly Shells

  • Watch Love Grow Strong

  • The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot

  • Marry Me Molly

  • I Won't Be Blue Any More

  • The Streets Of Bakersfield

  • Daughter Of The Vine

  • Baby Blue

  • If You Want To Find Love

  • When Bouzoukis Play

  • The Sweetest Lovin'

  • A Fool Never Learns

  • The Manchester Rambler

  • I Know One

  • Treat My Creatures Gently

  • Ennis Of Clare

  • Football Heroes


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